Land management

Buying Gold and Silver bars and coins for long term capital appreciation.

Buying prime farmland, to rent back to approved profitable farm operators. Agree long term lease agreements with farm operators wishing to increase land base


We will buy or sell gold or silver in any quantity.

We are open to negotiate sale of selected land blocks

We partner with land purchasers to own and operate prime farm land



Providing partners with exposure to gold siver and Canadian farmland. Preserving capital while saving lives!

Partners enjoy political stability in some of the safest asset classes historically.


Low risk with strong capital appreciation.

Building equity while balancing business with philanthropic interests. Every partnership incorporates contributions to charitable causes saving children's lives.

Ethical business with keen sense of social responsibility. 

Professionally managed farmland, precious metals storing, partners avoid complex ownership and crop management problems, we take care of everything.

you own new assets so that we can save children's lives every day!